Can Recovery be Quantified?
3/11/2011 | | Share

I had the same question, so I tried it out.  This online tracking system called is supposedly able to tell you how you’re responding to your workouts and whether you need to take a break, dial it down or can go full tilt.  Since I’m consistently guilty of over-training and not exactly knowing when to take a break, I thought it was worth a try.

Out of the gate, this is not a service for everyone.  But if you’re serious about your training and tend to push the envelope, it’s definitely worth a look.  After a month of use, I’m encouraged by its potential.  Rather than my traditional strategy of scheduling a recovery week every 3 to 4 weeks (which is completely based on the calendar rather than my body’s response to the stress of training and daily life), this tool allows me instead to rest when the physiological response indicates it’s necessary.  What a concept!  At this point, I’m still dialing in the details around a couple of the daily entries, but I’m becoming a fan – and gaining confidence that it’ll have a positive impact on my racing this triathlon season.  And for all of you Type A folks out there who live by the theme “more is better” (admittedly, I’m with you), this will give you a somewhat objective measure that says “take a break before you burn that candle completely out.”

If you’re in that 5-10% of people who take their training seriously (and sometimes too seriously), I’d give it a look.  And our Members now can knock 20% off the monthly fee of this service.

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